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Crockpots were invented in 1970, and since then, people across the world find them to be very useful in the kitchen. Older adults especially love them. Seniors who use crockpots have less cleanup time, and they can make tasty meals from inexpensive ingredients. Their most significant advantage is that they can be used for every meal of the day – and you don’t even have to monitor them. So if you are a senior, or you have a senior close to you who would love to cook in a crockpot, here are two tasty recipes to get started with.

Crockpot Recipes for the Elderly

Chicken and Dumplings

According to home care providers, chicken and dumplings are the food that every senior enjoys. Most of all, it is easy to prepare. In order to cook this meal, older adults need to put few thawed, boneless, skinless chicken breasts inside of the crockpot. After they have done that, they should pour chicken soup and chicken broth over it. Depending on your taste, you can add salt, pepper, and garlic pepper.

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After you put a lid on it, it is time for cooking. Depending on whether you want it fast or slow, you will need to cook it between three (fast) or six (slow) hours. When initial time is over, you will need to shred the chicken and add biscuits. After that, you will have to an additional hour of cooking time.

Mexican Chicken Chili

Mexican Chicken Chili is one of the best crockpot meals for cold winter times. The main ingredients for this meal are chicken breast, beans, salsa, chicken broth, jalapeno, garlic, and cilantro. After adding all the ingredients, you need to stir the mixture for it to gel.

The time needed for this meal to be prepared is nine (slow) or six (fast) hours. After it has been cooked, you need to remove the chicken, shred it, and then put it back to the mixture, and you have yourself a chili.

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