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The following might surprise you, but 59% of adults older than 65 are using the internet. Compared to 86% of all adults who are on the web, this number might seem small. But it’s good to see that the gap between technology and the elderly is narrowing.

Seniors are just like any other group, able to be part of the technological revolution. Seeing them spend more and more time online, while reaping its benefits in the process, is encouraging. By giving your own elderly loved one access to all available technology might lead to more family time. Furthermore, using new and modern technology can improve mental health in seniors.

Technology for Senior Citizens
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Younger Family Members Can Help Train Older Loved Ones on Tech

The best way to introduce technology to older adults is to give them some sort of training on the subject. Seniors, now more than ever, get new technology as presents from their younger family members. But according to statistics, 66% of them don’t receive much help in learning how to use them.

Many family caregivers must dedicate time to their job, children, and parents all at the same time. This leaves little time to train their elderly loved ones in technology. But you don’t have to do it yourself. All you need to do is instruct one of your children to do it. Kids are more adept in handling new tech, and they can be great teachers for their grandparents.

This type of connection between older adults and their younger family members will give them a chance to spend more time together and develop their relationship. Just a simple task, such as learning to use a tablet or adding filters to pictures, can help create a bond between grandparents and grandchildren. The time spent in the learning process is time well spent for all parties involved. Everything else that grows from it is just a bonus.

Better Living Through Technology

Many seniors start experiencing issues with mobility when they reach a certain age, which leads to them having an inactive social life. You probably already know social isolation is bad for your health. Social isolation can increase the risk of premature death by 14%. If your loved ones have issues with mobility, introducing technology and social networks to them can be an excellent way to prevent isolation.

Various social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, can help them stay connected with friends and family regardless of their location. If it happens that your senior can’t find many friends online, you should instruct them on how to find different groups that have people with their same interests. This way they will make new acquaintances in no time. If you don’t have the time to learn all the perks of social networks, you can show your loved one online tutorials that handle this subject.

Technology for Senior Citizens 2


Gadgets for the Home

For all of you who are worried about your loved ones but live far away, or just independently, you will be happy to hear there are technologies that are constructed precisely for situations like that.

Have you heard of Lively? It is a wearable that can be worn by your senior. When they are wearing it, you can track their health metrics. In addition to monitoring their health, it can show you things such as how many steps they took that day.

The tech gadget named Nest can detect smoke or carbon monoxide in the house of your elderly loved one. If the alarm is set off, it can notify the local fire department.

These two are just the beginning, technology is advancing every day and is useful both for you and your older family member.

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