Have you heard of assisted living, but you are unsure what it is? How much does assisted living cost? What services are included in assisted living? Here we will answer some of these questions and introduce you to the basics of assisted living. You will learn all the important things you need to know about this senior care service, the three main types, and what they mean.

Services That Are Included in Assisted Living Fees

The All-Inclusive Type

Seniors who choose this model will have all services included in their monthly fee. However, first you need to make it clear with the facility what they mean by ‘all services.’ For example, it can mean that medications are not included. The best method is to discuss this issue with them first, before signing a contract. Many prefer this option, but making a final decision also depends on the costs.


Tiered pricing is based on the care requirements of residents in an assisted living facility. Such a type means offering different rates for different care requirements. Every rate has a different scope of services. In terms of costs, this option is cheaper than all-inclusive type, but a problem occurs when you need to change the services.

Pay What You Use

As the name suggests, the third type implies paying for the services you use. Residents start with paying for the rent and meals. As you use a particular service, you will be billed with it. However, the problem is that your monthly fee will never be the same and you will always need to monitor your costs, which can be stressful.

All in all, these would be the basics of assisted living, and now you know more about this type of service. For more information, read about the differences between assisted living and in-home care.


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