Mediation is a powerful tool to cope with stress and daily problems. Although you may be retired and don’t work anymore, you face new challenges every day, and meditation may help you more easily get through the day. There are many myths about meditation that perhaps are preventing you from trying it. Today we will bust four meditation myths and prove that all people can embrace the positive things it brings.

Meditation Is Too Long

Many claim people need to meditate at least half an hour to feel the effects of meditation. However, this is far from the truth. The optimum length is between 15 and 20 minutes. Each practice less than 15 minutes may not have any effect, but surely you don’t need to meditate for half an hour.

I Don’t Have Time to Meditate

This excuse we use quite often in our everyday life: I have no time. However, do you really not have 15 minutes a day? If you are retired, you surely have plenty of free time, and even if you still work, you can probably find 15 minutes to spend on meditation.

myths about meditation

My Mind Is Too Busy

One of the biggest myths about meditation is that you don’t want to do it because you cannot empty your mind. Having a perfectly empty mind requires years and even decades of practice. The point of meditation is not having a clear mind, but to release the body from stress. Don’t give up the first time if you have a bunch of thoughts coming to your mind. Let them pass and continue to focus.

I Must Sit in “Mudra” Position

This is believed to be a traditional position for meditating and that all people must sit like that. However, anything that makes you comfortable is ok, you can even lie on a bed, or be in any other position you like.