For elderly adults that want to lead a healthy life, exercising is one of the most critical activities. For older adults that have Parkinson’s disease, working out on a regular basis is essential. PD causes issues with coordination, balance, and flexibility. Because of this, aging adults with PD have problems with daily living. What’s even worse, these issues usually are followed by conditions such as constipation and depression. That is why today we are going to talk about the importance of exercising for seniors with Parkinson’s disease.

For those elderly adults that tend to work out, the good news is that with a simple workout they can lower the effects of symptoms of Parkinson’s and also stave off depression. According to different studies, those older adults that start exercising right after they have been diagnosed with this disease have a better life than those who wait for symptoms to worsen. So by now you must be wondering about the importance of exercising for seniors with Parkinson’s disease and how much do they need. Here we are going to address these matters and point out which type of exercises are most beneficial for patients with Parkinson’s disease.

The Importance of Exercising for Seniors With Parkinson’s Disease

Exercises for Parkinson’s Disease

Older adults that have Parkinson’s disease often experience issues with their balance, which is a consequence of the loss of joint flexibility. With age and disease progression, seniors lose muscle strength, which decreases their ability to walk and stand. What follows is reduced endurance as result of a drop in cardiovascular fitness. To counter all of the things mentioned above, seniors with Parkinson’s should choose a set of exercises that will increase flexibility and balance. This includes various stretching exercises followed by cardiovascular activity and resistance training.

Choosing an Exercise

Older adults that have Parkinson’s disease will be glad to hear that all of the types of exercises mentioned above can be done in just one activity. Pilates, running, biking, dancing, and yoga all allow you to manage the symptoms of this disease. But all seniors need to be aware that it’s not only about the type of exercise, it is also about consistency. If you want the best management of Parkinson’s symptoms, you need to work out on a regular basis.

Seated Exercises For Older Adults


While working out, elderly adults need to choose targeted exercises. For example, the best way to get rid of stiffness is to do rhythmic workouts. Unfortunately, there’s isn’t a perfect set of activities for Parkinson’s patients. While most would benefit from swimming, it is not recommended for all. This disease has a different effect on each and every individual. Seniors need to know this and find a workout plan that suits their needs.

Exercise Intensity

This might seem unusual, but people with this disease should work out with the same intensity and duration as people who are healthy. With this knowledge, they should try to work out every day for at least half an hour. The exercises that seniors can do include wall push-ups or mild calisthenics. There’s no need for an extensive gym regimen. For seniors to build muscle tone, resistance training can do the same amount of good as lifting weights can.

Getting Started

By now you should understand the importance of exercising for seniors with Parkinson’s disease. For those who can’t find the perfect set of exercises, they should consult a physical therapist who can create one for them. The expert can discover any health limitations the patient might possess and create a workout regimen that benefits their health goals. Like we usually recommend, talking with your doctor before starting any exercise plan is always a good idea.

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