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Oral hygiene is important for seniors. However, with age, it becomes harder to be thorough with teeth care. It is even more difficult for elderly adults who have dementia or arthritis.

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Why the Elderly Need to See a Dentist Often

Frequent visits to the dentist will equip older adults with advice and updated guidelines on how to take good care of their teeth. Also, they can prevent some of the issues that might occur if left undiscovered for a long amount of time. Below we have listed issues that can be avoided with regular visits. Take a look:


With time, teeth decay and cavities appear more frequently because of the bacteria and leftover food in our mouth.

Dry Mouth

This state appears due to the side effects of some medication. It is considered one of the common oral issues in the elderly.


According to home health care experts and dentists, dentures can be beneficial for some seniors, but they are hard to maintain for most older adults.

Gum Disease

This disease can appear in younger people, but it is more common for the elderly. Seniors who have bad oral hygiene and an unhealthy diet are more prone to this condition. Also, this state can cause heart disease and diabetes. Seniors who are even more prone to succumb to gum disease are smokers and drinkers.


Cracked teeth, cavities, and receding gums can cause seniors to have increased sensitivity in their mouth, which can lead to chronic pain.

If you want to have your mouth and teeth in optimal health, you need to visit a dentist twice a year. This will give a dentist enough time to develop an insight into the health of your mouth and to spot changes in your teeth and gums. Also, don’t forget: brush your teeth at least two times a day.

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