As we age, we find ourselves no longer engaging in activities that we once found joy in. We may not be practicing our favorite hobbies or other activities for reasons beyond our control. It’s important for us all to have fun distractions to boost the health of our brains.

Anyone who is aging will suffer from some brain deterioration, but science tells us that continuing to partake in some hobbies can reduce this deterioration while improving our quality of life. This is especially true for our senior loved ones.

Reading is Lifelong Enjoyment

If you’ve felt this way too, then it is time to start thinking about reading; newspapers, magazines, or books – everything counts. Reading is an important activity that scientists encourage. But don’t worry if your vision is not that good or if you can’t find your favorite piece; just let technology help you out.


Tablets are a great source for reading via applications – just like on the computer, but with the sentimental feeling of holding your favorite (pseudo) paper. Many titles you can get for free if you’re patient enough to find them. These devices are easy to use, a good investment for a gadget, and a smart option if you prefer reading outdoors.


Let’s not forget that it’s the 21st century; technology has made enjoying a good book with poor vision possible. That’s thanks to audio-books. It’s a perfect example and an excellent realization for seniors who are born without or have lost their sight. You can get it on your smartphone , tablet, or computer using applications where you can find variety of new releases and classics.

What Family Caregivers Can Do

Family caregivers and friends can give gift cards for more books or audio-books, so that your senior can easily keep their personal library growing. Reading is ageless, and family caregivers can encourage and help their senior loved ones regain their love of reading!