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Dealing with patients that have dementia can be difficult. The elderly that succumb to this disease have issues remembering things, communicating, taking care of themselves, and thinking clearly. Luckily, there are ways to make things easier for caregivers. Below, we have listed what dementia caregivers should and shouldn’t do.

Should Do: Inform Others About Your Patient

Caregivers should respect their patient’s privacy. But there are also things that they should share with others. If the patient has problems with mobility and moving around the house, family members and the doctor should be notified. Sharing this type of information with others could help both the patient and the caregiver.

Shouldn’t Do: Be Impatient

Dementia patients can be moody; they have good and bad days. What caregivers should do if they notice frequent mood swing is to remain patient and try to make the patient feel as good as they can. The best way to change their behavior from negative to positive is to use a calm approach. Dementia patients often repeat stories or question, which can agitate someone. But, as a caregiver, you need to find ways to cope with situations like this calmly.

Things that dementia caregivers should and shouldn’t do
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Should Do: Have Respect

Seniors with dementia often forget essential parts of their lives and lose the sense of who they are. But, regardless of this, a caregiver and everyone else should treat them with the utmost respect. Older adults that have dementia are fighting a severe mental, emotional, and physical condition. You should never forget this. They deserve attention, affection, reassurance, and respect.

Should Do: Learn How to Distract and Redirect

Elderly adults with dementia will get agitated over the smallest of things, but you shouldn’t let this get to you. Instead of arguing with them, you should try to change the subject calmly. For example, if they are agitated by someone from their environment, you should sit with them alone and watch TV.

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