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Isn’t it fabulous to be a grandparent? You have time for everything and you can play with your kids’ kids every day. Learn how to connect with your grandchildren, but be careful not to cross a line. There are some things grandparents should never do in order to maintain a harmonized relationship with other family members.

Do Not Criticize

Your kids may have a completely different parenting style, which is entirely fine. One of the basic things grandparents should never do is criticize their own children in terms of parenting. So what if they treat their kids different than you would? Never tell them they are wrong, and always be careful with advice.

Parents Should Be the Ones Who Discipline the Kids

Never discipline your grandchildren unless you have made such an agreement with the actual parents. Don’t try to be the mom or dad – you’re the grandparent! You should be even easier with your grandchildren than you used to be with your kids.

Things Grandparents Should Never Do
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Never Manipulate

Kids are kids. Sometimes they will not want to give you a goodbye kiss, or they can even be angry with you. One of the things grandparents should never do is take this too personally. Kids can be selfish and spoiled. Never tell them you are hurt or act like a child around them. Find a way to get over it; they’ll grow out of it.

Respect the Rules

If a parent sets a rule, then you must respect it. No means no. Perhaps you have more experience in parenting, but everyone has her/his own way of doing it. Try to apply their rules when you are with your grandchildren. You don’t need to be too strict, but explain in a gentle way why they cannot do certain things. After all these tips, both your children and your grandchildren will love you even more.


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