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Visiting your elderly one who is living in a skilled nursing home or assisted living facility is always nice. But, there are few unwritten rules that you need to obey if you can while planning a visit. To make sure everything runs smoothly, ask yourself these questions.

The health of family members who are going for a visit. Is everyone healthy?

This question is crucial. When visiting your elderly loved one who already has health issues, it is essential that no one in the visiting party is ill. If one of your family members is feeling unwell, then it is better to cancel. Because your elderly already have a weakened immune system, you shouldn’t bring someone who is sick near them. Even if one member of your family sneezes or coughs, is enough reason to leave the visit for another day.

Visiting your elderly
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Is the time of your visit convenient for your senior?

It would be regarded as a sign of respect by your elderly if you would pay a visit at a time best arranged for them. At the very least, call ahead and announce yourself. This way you can be sure that they don’t have anything else scheduled for that day. Also, another important matter is the length of your visit. Regardless of how long you plan to stay, make sure that your elderly knows. The timing isn’t always right, so make sure that it suits both of your needs and obligations. That way, you can both return to your daily chores satisfied.

Visiting your elderly – Is it fitting to bring a child?

If you have toddler in your family, it might be important not to bring them if they haven’t eaten or had their nap. When children are rested, they can be a good and joyful company for your elderly. If they are tired and not in the right mood, they can create additional stress for your senior.

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