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These days, everyone leads busy lives, even the elderly. With old age, many people enter retirement and instead of having more free time, they add more activities to their daily schedule. With the addition of more activities such as social clubs and volunteering, seniors start to be controlled by their schedule instead of controlling it. This is why seniors need to manage their time.

Time Management Tips for the Elderly

Make an Activity List

When making an activity list, it is important not to leave anything out. Things such as rest between exercises also need to be included. If you have issues creating your list and can’t remember all the activities at once, just take a few days to complete it. Divide activities into those you have every day and ones that you do occasionally.

Sort Your List By Priorities

Not all activities have the same importance in the life of an older adult. That’s why it is important to sort your list by priorities. If you are unsure which should come first, and which after, you can always edit your list if your priorities change.

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Know Your Goals

Life goals change with age. But, at every moment, it is important to know precisely what you want to accomplish. If you keep your focus late in life, the sense of accomplishment will be bigger. If you always keep your goals in mind, the list of priorities will be easier to create.

Put Your Schedule on Paper (or Online These Days)

When you have your schedule written in front of you, it will be harder to stray from it. With goals and priorities always by your side, it will be easier for you to achieve them. Use a calendar, online calendar, or planer to have everything written down.

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