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Family caregivers make sacrifices in order to help their loved ones to lead a normal life, as independent as possible. The biggest problem, however, is when they need to take a longer break and go on vacation. Sometimes vacations can be even more stressful because they worry what is going on with their loved ones. This can lead to the development of caregiver anxiety and caregiver stress, but with these simple tips for caregivers during the holidays, it doesn’t need to be that way.

Plan Everything and Be Flexible

If you are not spending time with your elderly during holidays, you must plan everything in advance. Talk to your loved one and agree on the seasons when you should take holidays.  Consider the needs of the both and adjust everything.

Respite Care

Home care agencies are very common these days and there are usually several providers in everyone’s neighborhood. They offer wide range of services and one of them is respite care. Consider this type of service and contact the agency in advance. Ask about the respite care and check what services it includes.


tips for caregivers during the holidays
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Use Technology

Using technology is one of the best tips for caregivers during the holidays. You can use it in numerous ways and not just talking via Skype. There are so many mobile apps that will make your life much easier. You can set up alarms when medications needs to be taken, use sensors to detect inactivity,  use caregiver monitor, etc.

Ask for Help

If your loved one needs full-time monitoring, and for some reason you don’t want to use respite care services, then ask your family members if they can step in. Let them know about your holidays so they can check if they are available at the time.

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These are some basic tips for caregivers during the holidays. If you need more advice, check here what else you can do for your loved one while you are on vacation.



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