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Since the winter season has come, we must pay more attention to our seniors. We must keep them safe both inside and outside. Thus there are more articles on our page about keeping older adults safe during the winter. You can learn some basic things to do in order to enable them to live and move freely during winter. This time, however, we will mention several tips to prevent seniors from falling, so they can stay safe and sound.

Find Proper Shoes

The most important winter tip is to buy shoes with good traction. This way, you will significantly decrease their chances of falling.

De-Ice Sidewalks

Take a shovel and clean all the ice from their driveway and sidewalk. This is something everyone should do it so we can all walk around easily.


Tips To Prevent Seniors From Falling This Winter
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Install Handrails

If their walkways don’t have steady handrails, take some time and install them. With handrails, it will be much easier for them to keep their balance.

Proper Nutrition

It’s highly important that your senior has proper meals. This tip is often neglected, but in order to keep their bones strong, you must take care of their nutrition. Calcium is an essential ingredient in making bones stronger, and it can be found in milk and other dairy products. Also, you should suggest that they take calcium-based supplements as well as Vitamin D.

Prepare an Alert System

If all the precautions you have taken don’t work and your loved one eventually slips, you must have an alert system. Let them have a mobile phone in their pocket all the times, so they can call you or an ambulance. And don’t forget to visit them often in order to check if they are doing fine.

Do you have more tips to prevent seniors from falling this winter? Share them in the comments section. Here you can find out how to keep your elderly warm during winter.


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