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Many are afraid of going on a trip with their loved one who has dementia, and this fear sounds reasonable. A lot of things can go wrong, so many decide not to take chances. However, if you organize yourself and follow some simple rules, this doesn’t need to be so difficult. Learn what the most important tips are for traveling with someone who has dementia, so you can enjoy new places together.


Make sure that you take all the necessary medications with you and that they are always by your side. You never know when you are going to need them. Also keep your documents with you at all times and bring enough money, or a credit card. You cannot predict everything, so don’t let surprises catch you off guard.


It may be difficult, but do your best to follow the routine you follow at home. When traveling with someone who has dementia, you must be aware that minor changes can disturb them. They can also become more anxious, so make sure you have something that can calm them down.

traveling with someone with dementia
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If they tend to wander off, try using a bracelet with their name, address, and your phone number written on it. That can prevent a lot of trouble. You may also want to indicate that a person has dementia. In addition, bring a photo of the person you are traveling with. Hopefully, you won’t need any of those things, but always be ready.

To conclude, be organized, don’t make them anxious, and always expect the unexpected. Traveling with your loved one doesn’t need to be stressful. Just try to think a few steps ahead and both of you can enjoy exploring new places.


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