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While there’s a difference between how people age, some elderly adults tend to lose their hair. For seniors who are used to having hair on their head, this condition falls hard on them. This can happen to both men and women. Luckily for them, certain types of home remedies can stop this from happening or at least slow down the process. If your loved one has issues with this, here are the best natural hair loss remedies.

Natural Hair Loss Remedies

Horsetail Tea

This herb is rich in silica which is an essential ingredient if you want to grow thick and healthy hair. To use this remedy, take one teaspoon of dried horsetail and pour boiling water over it. When it gets cold enough, you should apply it to your hair. After it’s on your head, you should massage your hair and scalp gently. After it’s been on your head for 20 minutes, you should wash it off. This remedy can also help you with dandruff.

Vinegar Rinse

All you need to apply this natural remedy is to rinse your hair with one half cup of apple cider vinegar and warm water. By doing this, you will keep your pH balanced for hair’s healthy growth. The one thing that might bother you is the smell, but don’t worry it disappears after you wash your hair.

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Warm Oil Massage

The best way to make your hair stronger, thicker, and healthier is to massage your skull and hair two times a week with warm oil. The massage needs to last no more than five minutes. But you should leave your hair overnight before washing. The best choices of oil for you to do this are almond, coconut and olive oil.

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Aloe Vera

If you want to improve your hair growth, use aloe vera. You should massage this herb into your scalp for ten minutes. After a few hours, you should wash your hair. To have the best results possible, do this two times a week.


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