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Falling can lead to injuries regardless of your age. But as people grow older, falling can cause severe injuries. The reasons for falling are many, and they include environmental causes such as icy surfaces due to winter weather, surfaces slippery from rain, and strong winds. But there’s also a risk that you’re overlooking, which might be right there before your eyes. That is why we have listed six fall risks in seniors that you might have overlooked.

Here our list can help you notice fall risks and prevent them from ever happening.

1. Watch out for pets that can get underfoot, trip you, and cause a fall.

If you own a pet and your elderly likes to feed them, they need to be careful. Many pets get excited upon seeing food and can get in between your senior’s legs, knocking them down.

2. Avoid wet floors.

Floors that are recently waxed and shinning are the ones to be avoided. They are slippery and can easily cause a fall.

fall risks in seniors
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3. New medications can cause dizziness and affect balance.

If your elderly is on a medications, you need to watch out if their prescriptions are changed. New medicines can have an adverse effect and cause dizziness or loss of balance, both of which can lead to falls.

4. Don’t put frequently used items on low drawers.

Bending over can be dangerous. Elderly can lose their balance or get dizzy when rapidly putting their head down and up. That’s why is important to set frequently used items in an accessible drawer or shelf.

5. Fast changes in position are a big fall risk in seniors.

When you get to a certain age, it is important not to change positions fast due to blood pressure. Getting up or sitting down needs to be done is slow motions so that you don’t black out, which can lead to a fall.

6. Make furniture adjustments in order to prevent falls.

Be sure that your furniture is set around the house in such manner that there is no need for excessive movement. If your house furniture is arranged in a maze, there will be a need for a lot of sidewalks, so if your elderly is in a hurry, they won’t trip and fall.

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