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Adult day care centers are becoming more and more popular in the U.S. due to increasing number of family caregivers. Family caregivers usually have a lot on their plate and cannot manage everything: caregiving, their job, taking care of the other family members, etc. That is why adult day care is gaining more attention. It has many benefits for the whole family, but you need to know what types of adult day care centers are available before you decide which to choose.

3 Types of Adult Day Care Centers

Social Type

A social type provides the basic services. They don’t offer medical care and are not focused on certain types of people. Social day care centers for adults are focused on socializing and recreation. They organize field trips for their residents and provide meals. Some centers may also offer certain health-related services, but only the basics.

Medical Type

A medical type of adult day care center has a wider range of services. Besides all the services from the above, they also provide physical and occupational therapy. There is always a nurse to look after the residents and make sure they take their medications on time. Diet monitoring can also be included as well as speech therapy.

types of adult day care centers

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Specific Type

The last type is focused on specific members of our society. This means there are adult day care centers for veterans, people experiencing dementia, etc. They can usually provide all the services that medical-type adult day care centers provide. If your loved has a specific condition, then these centers may be the best place for him or her.

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