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Home sweet home. It’s a place where you relax, recharge, and spend time with your loved ones. But as the time passes, while the house remains the same, it’s the people that age. Most families split up when children come of age, and the elderly need help in order to stay independent and to preserve their lifestyle. The first step in helping older members of your family is to choose the right kind of help. The decision can be solely yours, or it can also come with advice from a doctor or social worker. Home care providers are the right choice no matter how you put it, and here are the types of assistance you can choose.

Different Home Care Providers

Medical Professionals

The care you need can range from doctor, nurse, or physical therapist assistance. Your loved ones are best left in the hands of professionals, and these people are precisely that. If you opt for a person of this calling, you will definitely get skilled medical attention.

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Home Health Aides

These home care providers undergo formal training, obtain a certification from CNA, and pass a competency test . Medicare is an institution that employs these professionals, together with home health agencies. The latter, however, required them to comply with stricter federal and state regulations. These Home Health Aides work supervised by medical professionals such as doctors or nurses, but can also be experienced with medical equipment themselves. Their work revolves around standard health duties: administering medications, checking a patient’s pulse and temperature, changing wound dressings, or helping with prescribed exercises.

Home Care Aides

For people that don’t need health care at home but are in need of assistance with chores and errands, these caretakers are an excellent choice. These homemakers help you buy groceries, do laundry, tend to your pets, and more. This position requires no certification; however, they are supervised by an agency, licensed nurse, or social worker. Also, there is an option of hiring a home care aide personally, or with a member of your family.

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