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ujat care funding

UJAT Care Funding

Part of UJAT Care’s mission statement is to help you succeed as a startup homecare business owner. As part of that commitment to you, UJAT Care has launched its BETA business-funding tool – UJAT Care Funding.

For now, we are offering it only to a select few home healthcare startups and owners of growth-stage businesses. If you are already a UJAT Care member, you can start now, if not you can register to become a member here.

The Problem

The main problem is that finding and accessing the right funding sources requires significant time and experience that takes away from other areas of your startup homecare business.

The Solution

We’ve created a tool for you to submit your funding request and documents. Our UJAT Care Funding tool matches your request with the right lenders and investors.

why use ujat care funding


You can now fund your startup or growing home healthcare business or franchise without spending your hard-earned cash.

Use easy monthly installments for up to five years to pay for starting costs or refinance your cash investment to date if you’ve already started your home healthcare agency.

home care startup funding solution

How we do it?

UJAT Care has partnered with financial technology companies interested in working with home healthcare businesses.

UJAT Care’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) matches the financial information you provide with the right lender for you. That lender then reviews your financial needs and contacts you.


apply for ujat care funding

"Where do i start?"

To access the UJAT Care BETA Funding tool and application, log in to your UJAT Care account, look for “Financial” tab on the left side bar and there you will find a Simplified Application Process (minimal paperwork).

Choose the right option for you and fill in the application form. Leave the rest to us.


“Will I qualify for UJAT Care Funding?”

You may be asking yourself if you or your home healthcare business will qualify with one of UJAT Care’s lenders or investors.

While we can’t promise that your business will qualify, we can promise you this: in a matter of minutes, your completed application will be matched with more than one lender or investor. UJAT Care’s AI and our fintech partners will work for you to find the right lender or investor.

If you’re not qualified now, you may still qualify in the future. Continue to submit positive changes to your financial status, and we’ll continue to match you with the best lenders and investors for your business.


home health startup funding solution
home healthcare startup funding solution

We’ve made it easier to fund your startup business.

As entrepreneurial business owners, we have all been frustrated by the financial hurdles of our decision to start a new business. We understand how hard it can be to obtain working capital for our new companies.

Let’s face it: the only time most lenders or investors will fund you is when you don’t need it!

You know the funding you need is out there, but how can you run or grow your businesses if you spend all your time looking for loans or investment? You can’t. Now, you don’t have to with the UJAT Care BETA Funding tool.