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If you are a caregiver for your loved one, you probably ask yourself this question: vacation without feeling guilty or anxious, how is that even possible? But you need to know you deserve a break. You need to take care of yourself and your mental and physical health too. You still need to have your own life.

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Nevertheless, often caregivers feel guilty about putting themselves first.

Steps to Take Before a Vacation

If you arrange reliable, safe, quality backup care, there is nothing to worry about. You can hire a licensed home care aide, and this would be the best option if your parent needs a greater level of care. If you are hiring temporary help, let your parent choose the caregiver with you, and also communicate your parent’s needs to the temporary caregiver. This will ensure that your parent will be cared for the way you care for them.

You should be prepared for the fact that your parent may not like you leaving them with someone else. They may say things that will make you feel guilty. In this case, focus on what matters – they are safe and cared for. You need and deserve a break, and your vacation is just for a few days but your care and love for your parents is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Don’t feel obligated to explain your decision; you deserve going on vacation without feeling guilty or anxious and you do not need to explain yourself.

Steps Caregivers Can Take to Reduce Guilt and Anxiety

  1. Take care of you first. You can’t be an effective caregiver if you are so stressed and anxious.
  2. Give yourself plenty of time to plan a vacation, and give yourself time to find a valid home health care provider that will take care for your loved one. Meet the person who will take care of your parent and give yourself, and your parent, time to gain trust.
  3. Be positive. The idea of going to vacation will help

    you feel less deprived and will give you something to look forward to. Having fun, laughing, and focusing on pleasurable things, rather than ill health, will help to keep you in emotional balance and will make you be better caregiver. The break will recharge your batteries, so you will have even more love to give to your parent in need.

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