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Quick question: Which state doesn’t celebrate Veterans Day?

The answer is Wisconsin.

Although we don’t know the reasons behind this, we can say Veterans Day is a state holiday in the other 49 states.

The holiday honors military veterans of the United States, and it coincides with Armistice Day. Armistice Day is celebrated worldwide as a mark of the armistice signed between Allies and Germany which ended World War I.

Since it is a federal holiday, some schools and companies are not open on Veterans Day.

The History Behind Veterans Day

In 1919, President Woodrow Wilson issued a message to all Americans who fought in the Great War. He appreciated their sacrifice and all the possibilities they gave to the American people by fighting for the country. The message was issued on November 11.

However, not until 1938 was the eleventh day of the eleventh month declared a holiday. At the time, it was known as Armistice Day, the name some countries across the globe still use.

Fifteen years later, a campaign was started to change the name to All Veterans Day. This way, the day would be dedicated to all military veterans, not just to those who fought in World War I.

veterans day parade

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The idea was finally accepted, and the word Armistice was replaced with the word Veterans. Traditionally, a moment of silence is held at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.

Parades are organized throughout the country every year, with the Veterans Day Parade in New York City being the most famous. It is estimated that more than half a million people gather on 5th Avenue every year.

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How to Celebrate Veterans Day with an Older Adult

Is there a military veteran living in your neighborhood? Go and meet them. Ask them about their experience in the war and how they feel about it.

If they don’t want to talk about it, don’t push. It wasn’t fun being in a war, that’s for sure. Spend some time with them and talk about other topics.

You can even make a greeting card and buy flowers. Write how much you appreciate everything they’ve done for the country and their contribution to peace around the world.

Take a veteran to a restaurant and pay for dinner. That is the least you can do. Also, there are many restaurants offering free meals to veterans on this day.

An even better idea is to make a meal at your home. Call them to come over for dinner and a drink.

If they are still mobile, propose the idea of attending a parade. Why not? After all, parades are organized in their honor. They should be appreciated as much as the other veterans who fought for the country.

In case a parade is not organized in your town, find the closest one. Give a ride to a senior and help them with preparations.


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