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We gathered several tips on how to prevent falls and avoid nasty injuries in one article we wrote months ago. However, this time the focus is on the exercises and methods you can use to regain your balance.

There are many different causes for balance issues: low blood pressure, motion sickness, medications, vertigo, etc. Also, falls can happen if your body is too weak, has a low level of Vitamin D, or even due to bad footwear. These exercises will help you maintain your balance in these situations and will keep you on your feet.

Exercises and Methods to Help You Regain Your Balance

A good exercise you can use is tai chi. This internal Chinese martial art has many health benefits, such as decreasing your level of stress for example. However, it will also help you to improve your balance.

Standing on one leg while doing everyday chores can be more beneficial than you think. Try performing these exercises while watching TV, reading a magazine, or typing on a computer. You can also bend your knee, hold it for several seconds, and then return it to the original position. Change a leg and do the same thing. Repeat everything at least 10 times and increase the time your knee is bent as you feel more confident.

ways to regain your balance

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Imagine that you are walking on a narrow beam. Try a heel-to-toe walk and go slowly. Find a line to follow and do your best to stay on the line.

If you are among the ones who feel dizzy after a sudden rise from the bed, try to sit on it for a while, take a deep breathe, and then stand up.

These would be the basic methods for keeping you on your feet. The exercises are not too difficult, and can save you from the broken bones and other fall-related injuries.


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