Are you a passionate web writer?


We are looking for web writers who will create a base of content related to home care. As our domain explains, we collect tricks and tips that will expand our knowledge-base about home care.

Our first target is people who have a family member unable to take care of themselves. Your article should provide them with new ideas that will improve the way they care for their loved ones. The second target is caregivers, and tricks you share will give them new information that they can use in their work. The best way to start your research is to identify with your clients. What pops up in your mind first? Search it and catch ideas.


Use your own words

This is a research, so feel free to find few articles on the same or similar subject and combine them in one article with your own words.


Don't copy!

No copying of any kind. You can find few articles as resources of information, but make sure to use your own words. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just don’t be a copycat – we will check!

The article should consist of 300 words. Once you upload it to WordPress, it goes through a proofreading phase and, after proofreader‘s approval, it gets published to our website.

***be advised***

Our proofreader/editor has the right to tell us if one writer’s quality is not good enough, and we keep our right to dismiss that writer from future work.