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People often ask which U.S. states are the best to retire in. Many are not completely satisfied with the life they have and would like to move somewhere else once they retire. The SCAN Foundation chose states for the Pacesetter Prize, an award given to states that have improved the lives of older adults the most – and that’s a great benchmark to judge by.

The Best Retirement States in the U.S.

This competition was organized for the third time, with the previous reports published in 2011 and 2014. Several states made the Top 10 every time. These are: Colorado, Hawaii, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin. These six states remain the country’s top picks for retirement.

2017 Pacesetter Prize Winners

This past year, however, the favorites have changed a little. The new winners are: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Vermont, and New York.

Wisconsin is a winner in the area of choice setting and quality health care providers. They developed several programs and are making a lot of effort to move patients from nursing facilities back home.

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Minnesota has the best support for family caregivers and has made the greatest improvement among all the states. Several relevant laws have been passed, which have expanded the benefits for people who are on sick leave because of a sick family member.

the best states to retire in the us
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If you find affordability and easy access to transportation to be of high importance, then Vermont will be the best state to retire in for you. In the fastest-aging state, they have improved conditions for people with disabilities and low income.

New York is the last state on the list. New York has done a lot to improve care transitions and reduce avoidable hospitalization. The state is active in supporting home health care, rather then hospitalization in institutions.  New York is particularly active in providing training for nursing tasks.

You have seen the official top picks – these are the best retirement states in the U.S. Now it’s time to decide what is most important for you, and then choose wisely.


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