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If you are into caregiving, then you must have heard this term. We even mentioned it several times in our articles related to caregiver stress and caregiver anxiety. But what is caregiver burnout?

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Caregiver burnout is a state of exhaustion (mental, physical, or emotional) and it is usually accompanied by a change of attitude. As the time passes, a caregiver’s initial positivism may disappear. Caregivers become more negative and less focused, and sometimes they start blaming themselves for spending more time on other things than on taking care of their loved one or patient.

Symptoms of Caregiver Burnout

There are several signs that are quite similar to the symptoms of depression. First caregivers start experiencing changes in appetite and sleep patterns. Their health is more fragile and they are mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. Furthermore, they start feeling helpless (or even hopeless), and they have less interest in doing other things and hanging out with people.

As the time passes, they may start drinking alcohol excessively or even wanting to hurt the person they take care of. These symptoms should not be neglected, and help must be asked with the first signs of caregiver burnout.

caregiver burnout
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Factors Leading to Caregiver Burnout

It is highly important to recognize these factors on time, so you won’t suffer from caregiver stress and caregiver burnout. First and foremost, never neglect your health. If you are preoccupied caring for others, you may forget to take care properly of yourself.  Unrealistic expectations and unreasonable demands are also among the leading factors. Frustration is quite common among caregivers and it may lead to lack of control.

Always have in mind that you must properly take care of yourself. Otherwise you will not be able to take care of your loved one. Find help if needed, and all the stress, anxiety, and burnout will become just a matter of the past.


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