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When taking care of seniors, you must ensure they are safe 24/7 – especially if they suffer from an illness (for dementia safety tips, learn more here). Since winter is coming, we are all more concerned; this is a season where injury rates among seniors increase. Here are some of the most important winter safety tips for older adults, so they can enjoy the weather without suffering the consequences.

Winter Safety Tip #1 – Avoid Ice!

This is perhaps the most obvious concern. Their body is fragile and they can easily break a bone if they slip and fall. But how to do protect them? They cannot just lock themselves inside the house and wait the winter out, especially if they are still active. First and foremost, get them winter shoes with a good traction. Soles shouldn’t skid and must be cleaned as soon as they get into the house, so as to keep them strong for longer.


Winter Safety Tips for Older Adults
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Put On Some Warm Clothes

You’ve likely heard this tip on TV as well: put on layers and layers of clothes. Don’t forget gloves, a scarf, and a hat. It is highly important to keep your body temperature stable once you are outside. You can also learn more on how to keep seniors warm during the winter and better prepare for cold days, such as after a blizzard.

Check Them Often

In winter, everyone’s movement is limited. Less contact with people sometimes leads to signs of depression. Especially older adults can develop the symptoms, since they are more isolated. In order to avoid this, call them every they. Ask them about their day and their plans for the next day. If possible, visit them often, or at least have someone checking up on them from time to time.

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These are the primary tips to keep in mind when safeguarding your senior for winter. But stay tuned – we will write more about this topic in the following period.


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