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How to Make a Bathroom Safer for Elderly Adults

You don’t need to be a caregiver to know that some seniors would be safer in the house if some adjustments were made. Perhaps they cannot move as easily as before, or have taken a fall already. We have written about shower tips for seniors and how...

What Are the Stages of Parkinson’s Disease?

There are several different stages of Parkinson’s disease, with new or changing symptoms. At the beginning, it is hard to tell which disease is affecting you or your loved one, but in later stages, it becomes quite obvious. Depending on the...

Tasty Crockpot Recipes for the Elderly

Crockpots were invented in 1970, and since then, people across the world find them to be very useful in the kitchen. Older adults especially love them. Seniors who use crockpots have less cleanup time, and they can make tasty meals from inexpensive...

Meal Delivery Services for Senior Citizens

Many older adults live alone and are unable, or maybe just unwilling, to cook nutritious meals every day. In other cases, they might be in a financial situation that doesn’t allow them to buy healthy food, or they don’t have transportation means to...

Health Benefits of Garlic for the Elderly

Is there any other effect of garlic than giving us a bad breath? The answer is: yes! There so many health benefits of garlic for the elderly, and for people of all ages, that it is hard to put all of them into one article. Unfortunately, keeping...

Health Benefits of Rice for the Elderly

Did you know that rice is the most eaten food on the planet? Thanks to its availability and nutritional value (well, price too), it has become the number one food in the whole world. However, did you also know about all the health benefits of rice...

5 Tips on How Seniors Can Improve Their Brain Health

Older adults are, more than any other age group, at risk of developing dementia and memory loss. Luckily for them, there are many ways to improve brain health. If you are a senior, or you want someone close to you to preserve their brain functions,...

Stress Management Tips for Seniors

Stress is one of the most common issues among older adults. Some of the leading causes of stress in seniors are financial issues, health complications, and the loss of a loved one. All of these things can affect their quality of life. Fortunately,...

How Seniors Can Make Extra Money in Retirement

Upon retiring, most elderly adults live on a fixed income, and that’s why they need to be focused on their financial well being. If they are unable to live solely on their income and don’t have money in savings for a cozy lifestyle, they should...

5 Tips on How the Elderly Can Save Money

Upon retiring, many elderly adults unfortunately start dealing with financial troubles. This usually happens because older adults spend more than they have, or are just lousy at saving money. Luckily for them, there are various ways they can save...

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