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Most Common Migraine Causes in Older Adults

Having a migraine in old age is common. Many seniors have issues with frequent or chronic headaches. Some triggers cause this condition. This article will point them out to the elderly and explain how to avoid them. Most Common Migraine Causes in...

Emotional Benefits of Companion Care

One of the most difficult things in life is watching our parents getting old. Most of us are trying to help them as much as we can. However, due to their particular illness and our lack of time, we can’t provide the constant care they need. If you...

Senior Care After a Heart Attack

Heart attacks are more dangerous if a person is over 55 years old. Bodies of the elderly need more time to heal, so recovery time can be quite long. Sometimes it is very difficult to care for seniors after a heart attack, especially if you don’t...

Common Lung Illnesses Among Aging Adults

Lung diseases are common in older adults. If you are a caregiver, it is essential to know what types are there and how can they be treated. In most cases, if detected on time and managed appropriately, they can be cured. Common Lung Illnesses Among...

Tips for an Easier Transition to Nursing Home Life

Dealing with nursing home care guilt is not easy, but it passes with time and concentration on the right things. Both you and your parents can have mixed feelings. Moving to a nursing home is particularly stressful, so follow these tips so that the...

Coping with the Decision to Put Your Parent in a Nursing Home

How to put your parent in a nursing home with all those overwhelming feelings - anxiety, grief, guilt, even shame? Sometimes deep inside you, you know this is the right thing to do, but these emotions are just too strong. You feel that you’re...

How to Know If Your Parent is Ready for a Nursing Home

This issue is always problematic. Putting a parent in a nursing home is always a difficult decision for both you and your parent. They usually refuse to go to a nursing home, although they can get better care there. If you are planning to suggest...

Should I Put My Parent in a Nursing Home?

The question that will inevitably arise: Should I put my parent in a nursing home? This is a difficult decision, but you must face the fact that you have a lot of things on your plate and you are not the most competent person to help them. You do...

4 Items Every Holistic First Aid Kit Should Have

If you are taking care of your loved one, owning a holistic first aid kit is a must. This kit can aid in handling various injuries or ailments. It is also essential to introduce the elderly to the items it contains. This should be done, so they can...

5 Symptoms of Liver Disease in Older Adults

A terrifying statistic that shows liver disease kills the most Americans over a one-year time frame is often overlooked. 32 million people are affected by various liver conditions. 16,000 of them is waiting for a liver transplant as we speak. To...

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