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Meet EndorseMe

The only review app that collects, tracks, and shares consumer confidence across multiple platforms.

Become the Chosen One

UJAT Care is limiting the number of users invited to try the EndorseMe Android beta app. Act fast — apply and become the first one to get the opportunity to grow your business with EndorseMe.

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By completing this form, you apply to EndorseMe waiting list.

    How Does Testimonials Aspect of EndorseMe Beta App Work?

    Since the app is free there’s a limited number of spots left to apply for the first glimpse of the app. EndorseMe only accepts business owners who want to grow their businesses.



    complete the form to get on our waiting list.


    we notify you if you’re accepted into our program.


    If that is the case, shortly after we send you a link to install the app on your phone.


    Install and setup EndorseMe on your phone and complete the setup process using your browser.


    Invite all your employees to download the app.


    The app guides user through the process of collecting testimonials step by step.


    Once the process is finished, recordings get automatically uploaded to your UJAT Care company account.


    Now, you can edit the recording yourself with EndorseMe app, or leave that to UJAT Care professionals for a small fee.


    Finally, when you are satisfied with the result you can choose where you want your testimonials to be distributed.

    Never miss a positive review.

    EndorseMe is the only real-time smartphone app that you can use to create, upload, and distribute video testimonials via your website and social media accounts. Help potential customers make informed decisions based on your current clients’ experiences.


    Only EndorseMe can capture positive reviews at the exact moment you are providing a client with exceptional service.


    With EndorseMe, testimonials are uploaded directly to your company website and social media accounts.


    Don't Miss a Single Review

    The EndorseMe app’s geofencing capabilities and UJAT Care’s AI technology work in unison to remind your employees to collect testimonials from their clients before they leave the job site.

    Record and Remind

    EndorseMe technology records arrival and departure times for each employee on-site. Your employees will get a message reminding them to record a testimonial once they arrive.