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The ultimate goal of every business (OK, besides profits) is happy and satisfied clients.

Because having satisfied clients means you must be doing something right.

When clients are satisfied with a product or a service, they tend to talk and recommend it to their friends and family.

What speaks better about the quality of your work than positive user reviews? Right?

But how could you convince your new and potential clients that you really are as good as your existing clients say you are?

There are multiple solutions.

Website Form

You can add a form to your website that asks your satisfied clients to come back to your website once they already used your service and leave feedback.

Yeah, not complicated at all.

customer feedback form example

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Clients will surely come back and talk about how happy they are with your work. On their own.

Hm, but what if they don’t?

What if they are too lazy, or they just simply forget?

Not an issue. There are other options.

Video User Reviews Platforms

You can always use a platform that allows your clients to send you a video review of your work. Because talking in front of a camera is easier than writing an essay, right?

Yes, for sure, they will do that.

But what if they don’t?

Even worse, what if they do?

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What would you do with all those shaky, awkward, selfie videos of your clients?

While they are genuine and honest, are they really usable?

They are somewhere in a parking lot, dogs are barking, children screaming. The chaos!

Nobody will be able to hear what that magic is you do to make them love you so much.

OK, that is fixable.

Employee-managed Review Apps

Take control of where they will talk about you.

There are a lot of apps that let your employees grab videos of your clients.

That’s perfect, but your employees are always in a hurry, and they rush out the door forgetting to collect your clients’ thoughts.

That’s OK. They are only human, for crying out loud!

Professional Video Agency

Maybe you can hire a professional video production agency, for quite a number of zeros after that dollar sign.

Wow, your reputation will soar with all those staged, commercial-like testimonial videos.

Totally genuine. Everyone will believe them and come running to get your service.


Yeah, well, we said there are a lot of options. Not that all of them are great.

But there just might be something that can solve all those problems for you.

EndorseMe App

It’s called EndorseMe, and it literally solves every problem mentioned above.

It is an app created by UJAT Care and it’s one of a kind because it lets your employees take the initiative when grabbing testimonials.

No more waiting for clients to remember. You can now get a freshly brewed testimonial directly from the job site.

But you might say: What is special about that? What if my employees forget? We had this talk already, didn’t we?

Yes, but it gets better.

The special ingredient of EndorseMe is not allowing your employees to forget. It will remind them about it each time they arrive at your clients’ location.

Problem solved.

But wait, can it get even better?

Oh yeah, it can.

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You get to manage and decide about everything.

  • Whether you want video, audio, or photo user reviews.
  • Whether you want to share it directly to your website and social media through the app, or you want to manage it on your own and share when you’re ready.
  • You even get an option to get a professional video production minus the complex and long process.
  • And more importantly, minus all those zeros!

So what is the conclusion here?

EndorseMe is so smart and so pretty, and OK, we’ll admit, we’re in love with it.

But don’t take our word for it.

The best way to be sure is to try it for yourself.

Let us know, what is your preferred method for collecting feedback from clients?

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