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With old age, our bodies change. They go through various changes that include a decline of cognitive function, reduced metabolic ability, and difficulties with heart and respiratory functions. When we start our life journey, we are made up of 100 million cells. All of them get damaged with time. Age reduces their ability, and eventually some are no longer replaced. Aging can’t be stopped, but there are things that can be done to fight off the years. All older adults are encouraged to stay busy. They will do themselves a favor by exercising, socializing, and by staying in motion. By staying active, the elderly will also reduce the risk of developing an isolated lifestyle which can lead to depression. If you haven’t started already, get to it: become more active.

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Benefits of Staying Active

All seniors should look to have a lifestyle that keeps their day busy. But what exactly should they do? First, they should leave their old habits behind. Stepping out of the ordinary and everyday is the first step. Seniors should find new, and rekindle old, interests. There are many benefits to leading an active lifestyle for seniors and just some of them are:

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  • Stave off dementia and Alzheimer ’s
  • Boost mood, confidence, and overall well-being
  • Reduce high blood pressure
  • Help gain bone mass and fight off arthritis
  • Help maintain a healthy weight
  • Reduce risk of heart disease and diabetes
  • Build muscle and reduce back and joint pain
  • Decrease chance of developing cancer

Seniors who have the will to be active but just don’t know where to start shouldn’t look further than yoga. This low impact activity is ideal for the elderly. If they want to be in even more motion, they should try out bicycling, swimming, and even dancing. Activities that promote socializing are recommended for seniors, as they will give them a chance to meet new people, lead a healthy lifestyle, and reduce the risk of conditions such as isolation and depression.

5 Balance Exercises for Older Adults Using a Walker


What If I Am Recovering From an Illness or Injury?

Older adults who suffered an injury or illness are often scared to engage themselves in exercise. But most of all, they should push themselves to try something new. Doctors even recommend it, as seniors who do this give themselves a better chance of recovering. Exercise will strengthen your heart, bones, and muscles—all of which are the key to proper recovery.

The best step to take first would be to talk to your doctor about which low-impact exercises are ideal for the start of your recovery. By doing this, you will take steps towards overcoming your fears. After you start, you should set goals and try to reach them, becoming more active with each step.

Knowing how to properly recover is essential for adults older than 65. Why? Well, according to statistics, one out of three seniors over 65 will experience a fall. This number grows to 50% for seniors over 80. According to research, seniors who suffer a fall once are three times more likely to experience it again compared with those who haven’t. One of the things you can do to improve your balance, flexibility, and coordination is to exercise on a regular basis. This is often essential for preventing falls.

fall risks in seniors


Tips for Success

In most cases, seniors start with exercise, but what they fail to practice it regularly. To overcome all obstacles, the elderly will have to fight with bad habits, time, and other responsibilities. Because of this, they need to have a strict schedule and stick to it. Start with a small amount, and continue day by day until reaching real results.

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