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Did you know that there are around 70 million fathers in the US? Celebrating Father’s Day became an official holiday in the 70s, almost 60 years after President Wilson declared the second Sunday in May to be celebrated as Mother’s Day.

Why did they wait so long?

Well, mothers are more sentimental than fathers. This may be the reason why the campaign for honoring Father’s Day wasn’t received with such enthusiasm at the beginning.

However, a day dedicated to our fathers was finally established in 1972, and families have different ways of celebrating it.

Which Day Is Celebrated As Father’s Day This Year (2018)?

The date of celebration varies per country, and there are more than 40 countries in the world that observe this holiday. The US and several other nations adopted the third Sunday in June to be Father’s Day. This means that the 17th of June is the day of celebration in 2018.

Activity Ideas for Father’s Day 2018

Is your father a beer-type? Taking him to a brewery in the neighborhood sounds like a good idea (if you are 21 or above, of course). Beer tasting will surely be a fun activity for him, especially if they are a microbrewery and don’t have commercial beers you can find in stores. Visiting big breweries can be fun too. They usually organize tours around the factory with a free beer tasting. You might need to book a tour in advance though.

Does your father like NASCAR, Formula 1, rally, or any other racing sport? Then carting sounds like a good idea for Father’s Day. Carting tends to be expensive, but only if it lasts several laps. Your father will appreciate it.

Playing golf is a common Father’s Day activity. However, if your father doesn’t like golf, you can play any other sport: tennis or squash, for example. If their health prevents them from playing sports, consider taking them to see a game of their favorite baseball team.

Have you noticed your father has been under a lot of pressure lately? Would you like to help him, but don’t know how? One massage won’t solve all the problems on his mind, but it will give him peace and comfort. After a massage, he will feel reborn.

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Unique Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2018

If you prefer wrapping up a present over taking your dad here and there, these are some of the coolest gifts of 2018.

Have you heard of Amazon Echo – a new personal assistant? This gadget easily blends into every household and has multiple functions. It can play music, read an audiobook, lock doors, dim lights in the house, order food, and much more. Check out Amazon to see all the functions and what colors it comes in.

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Watches are always in. New smartwatches come in different varieties with different functions. Your father will love this new gadget. See the function each producer offers, and ask your father what would be the most useful smartwatch for him.

Once people retire, they tend to travel around the globe or throughout the US. With new possibilities  that smartphones have brought, they can take high-quality photos on their trips. However, everyone likes to have a professional camera. With a good Nikon or Canon, they don’t need to be pros to take a breathtaking photograph. However, they don’t need to take photos only when traveling. Photography can become their new hobby, and they can go around the city to practice it.

These are popular ideas for Father’s Day in 2018. Have a nice day with your dad, and don’t forget that the 16th of June, 2019 is the next Father’s Day.

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