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Spring brings joy and warmth in our hearts. However, there is the ‘other side’ of spring as well. With flowers blooming, the risk of allergies is rising. We spend more time outside (see fun spring activities for seniors), so the risks are even higher. Nevertheless, you can enjoy this beautiful season if you prepare yourself on time. Here are some tips for the elderly to cope with allergies this spring.

Test Yourself

Even before spring arrives, you can do an allergy test. It doesn’t take a lot of time and money, so you can do it any time. It can help you determine what you are allergic to. Once you know what you should avoid, it will be much easier to go through this spring.

Keep Your House Clean

This doesn’t only mean to wipe dust every now and then, but to prevent pollen from getting inside your home. Make sure your windows are closed at night and consider buying a dehumidifier. It can help keeping the air clean in your house. Also, you can think of investing money in a special vacuum which has a filtration system.

tips for elderly to cope with allergies

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Keep Yourself Clean

As you go out during the day, you collect allergens that stay in your hair and on your skin. Taking a shower every time before you go to bed can significantly help washing these allergens off and reduce the risk of developing an allergy.

Dry Your Clothes Inside

If possible, dry your clothes inside, or even use a clothing dryer. This way, your clothes will pick up less allergens.

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These would be the most important tips for the elderly to cope with allergies, but they can be applied to everyone. We cannot guarantee you will stay safe for the whole spring, but if you follow these tips, the risk of getting an allergy will be significantly less.

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