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Asking questions is never easy, but it can be simple. It needs to be simple. However, there is one caregiving question in the industry that cannot be easily answered.

“How, by better serving yourself, can you adequately help others?”

How to Find the Answer

The answer to this question lies in the deeds and actions we take. From the start, our efforts need to be helpful both to the person we care for and to ourselves. In providing the right answer, caregivers can deliver better service to their clients, their own families, and also their state of mind, creating an improved experience for all.

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Does The Caregiving Question Really Matter?

So long as your patients are happy, who cares, right? On the contrary, it’s essential, as many caregivers provide lower quality care the longer they’re in service. This is thanks (or no-thanks) to basic human nature; when we are over-taxed, exhausted, and displeased with our circumstances, our self-preservation instinct engages. Often this is without our knowledge. If you don’t care for your own health, relationships, social life, and home environment, these factors result in low energy and satisfaction – just as it does in your patient. They hired you as a caretaker for a reason – to improve their lifestyle. Now you need a caretaker yourself!

It’s difficult to now apply this critical homemaking expertise to others when you’re lacking it personally. Therefore, when your life is in balance, this provides you with excess energy to donate to others, boosting their positive outlook and lifestyle.

Not every positive action towards another has the same effect on us, meaning good deeds can’t serve as food, sleep, and mental recharge time. We still need to apply proper self-care. When both caregiver and patient are equally included into the equation, the final results will always be better.

So what is the answer? By better serving yourself, you’re building up your internal wells, which can then donate to others – better serving them. Before you take on the mission of helping others, be sure to ask the caregiving question: are you getting the best treatment you can?

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