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Older adults have issues with receiving at-home care, and it’s only natural for them to be resisting home care if they believe it impedes their sense of freedom. When they reach the point that home care is needed, they can be difficult to handle. The mere thought that a complete stranger is going to become someone on who they will rely is terrifying.

When life becomes a struggle for the senior, the introduction of a third party to assist can have an adverse effect. Your goal to help suddenly becomes something unwanted. So, what can you do? First, you will need a ton of patience. Then, start planning strategies on how to better implement home care for your senior.

Here are few tips on how to hand these situations the right way.


The best way to approach this is through open communicate with your loved one. Bringing up this topic might be hard in the beginning, but that is the only road to take. Try to be understanding towards the source of their resistance. Start these talks before the time approaches that home care needs to be implemented. Try to give them the best possible description of home care, and, in the end, be curious on what your elderly might want from the care.


If you have a chance, talk about this subject in advance. If you rush words, you can only make the matter worse. Be sure your aging loved one is in a good, calm mood and then present the conversation with plenty of time to discuss all questions, without interruptions.

Make Things Clear

Moving on, you need to make it clear that the in-home caregiver is there to help. Explain that everyone’s life will be more comfortable that way, and what exactly you plan on the caregiver providing. Who would you choose? How much time would they be dedicating?

Emphasize Independence

Try to explain to your elderly that home care is there to help them stay independent longer, instead of stripping them of their agency. They’ll be capable of more, not less, with some extra help. In light of this, why should they be resisting home care?

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Hire Professionals

Working with qualified personnel can make a huge difference in the time it takes for your senior to accept outside help.

You shouldn’t be afraid if you encounter resistance to home care. Caregivers address this problem frequently. Get yourself involved in the challenge, include your loved one, and talk to the pros. That way, the problem is already half solved.

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