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In several articles, we have mentioned Medicare and Medicaid, but we have never tried to explain them in more detail. If you have never dealt with these programs, you’re probably wondering what is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Medicare is divided into four different parts. It offers health care coverage for seniors over 65, and citizens below 65 who are disabled or are at the last stage of chronic kidney disease (ESRD).  Part A is free for all those who have paid 40 quarters of Medicare taxes. It is covers hospice care, hospital services, and home health care to a certain extent. Medicare Part B provides coverage for medical equipment, laboratory examinations, physical therapy, doctor visits and much more. With Part B, you are free to choose your doctor.

Medicare Part C encompasses first two parts and is less expensive. However, the choice of service providers and physicians is limited. Part D is in fact a medication coverage plan. The price depends on the plan you choose and you are free to change plans if your medications change.

difference between medicare and medicaid
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Medicaid is not the same as Medicare. Medicaid is entirely focused on low-income citizens who fulfill a certain criteria. It is usually free or costs less than Medicare, but that depends on the state. Medicaid covers long term care as well as doctor visits, medications and hospital costs. The eligibility for Medicaid varies from state to state, so you need to find additional information for your state.

After reading these several paragraphs, you should know the main difference between Medicare and Medicaid. These were only the basics aimed to introduce you to these two programs. You can check their official websites for the additional information and find out more details about Medicaid and Medicare programs.

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