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According to, one in ten Americans have diabetes. At this moment, there are 84 million of US citizens who are in danger of developing this disease. But, there are ways for people who have diabetes to lower its effects, and, for those who don’t have this condition, to avoid it. The best one, and the one which is most natural, is eating healthy. Eat right and you will lead a healthier life, preventing diabetes at the same time.

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So, to give you the best advice on healthy eating, we have compiled a list of groceries that you should keep on hand and those that you should avoid in order to counter diabetes.

Foods to Eat and Avoid if You Have Diabetes

For people who already have diabetes and are on a strict diet, finding the right food to eat can be challenging. However, eating not just what’s prescribed but what’s healthy is the right direction to take to lower the influence of diabetes on your life. Keeping your blood sugar and body weight in check can be achieved through controlling portion sizes, eating on time, and eating the right foods. The diabetes diet revolves around these things.

The focus of a diabetes diet is on groceries that are rich in nutriments but low in calories. These foods include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. So, because of this, we have come to the part where we tell you what you should eat and what to avoid.

If you have diabetes
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If you or your loved one have diabetes, these are things you should avoid:

  • Alcohol intake.
  • Foods that contain saturated or trans fat.
  • Cholesterol.
  • Salt: Avoid packed and processed food that often has concealed sodium.
  • Sugar.

Foods that you should consume if you have diabetes:

  • Fiber – fruits, nuts, oatmeal, and vegetables.
  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Good fats: These fats are those you can find in avocados, nuts, and olives.
  • Healthy carbohydrates.
  • Lean Protein.

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