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As an AIDS caregiver, you face additional challenges. There are some things every AIDS caregiver should know and apply as part of his/her everyday routine, whether you’re a professional or caring for a loved one. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have tougher work than other care providers, but it certainly means you have additional things to worry about when providing excellent care.

The Most Important AIDS Precautions for Caregivers

As you already know, you should never get in touch with the infected blood. This means no one should share a toothbrush, and especially razors, with a person who has HIV. Even a toothbrush can have blood on it from sensitive gums, so be sure to handle it and other objects carefully when you change them out or move them.

Liquid waste that contains blood infected with the HIV virus should be immediately flushed down the toilet. Tampons, pads, paper towels – everything that contains blood or semen should be put in a plastic bag and disposed in the trash bin as an alternative. However, before disposing it, make sure it is properly contained.

AIDS precautions for caregivers
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Other Precautions

Bigger issues arise when a person is infected with some other virus as well. In case of tuberculosis, herpes, gastroenteritis, chickenpox, etc., you usually need to wear gloves. Do not let that person get in touch with others while infected with the disease. They should not even prepare food and must wash their hands often, especially when they have diarrhea. If you accidentally get into contact with urine, wash your hands immediately. Do not even kiss them.

In the case of Cytomegalovirus, you need to be especially careful if you are pregnant. This virus can be easily transmitted to the baby, so no contact is advised. However, these are really extreme situations and they rarely happen.

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Additional Tips for AIDS Caregivers

If needed, here you can read about more tips for AIDS caregivers.


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