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Fibromyalgia causes a lot of pain for older adults who have this condition. But luckily for seniors, various treatments can ease the pain or make it disappear altogether. Here we are going to talk about best fibromyalgia treatments for older adults.


This disorder is best treated by mildly exercising. Even if it’s only for few minutes a day, you can get rid of discomfort and fatigue. Before starting to work out, elderly adults should consult their doctor to help in picking the best low-impact exercises for them.

Change Sleeping Habits

Seniors who have issues sleeping are at higher risk of developing this disorder. But in order to change their sleep habits, older adults shouldn’t use medical solutions. Instead, they should make changes in their daily schedule. Late afternoon naps should be avoided. Also, you should ease on the caffeine, and avoid watching TV or looking at smartphones for two hours before going to bed.

Best fibromyalgia treatments for older adults
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Introduce New Diet

There is no universal diet for seniors with fibromyalgia. Depending on their previous diet habits, they should select a new one, and because of this, they should keep a food journal. This way when a flare occurs, they can tell what caused it and replace the food with a healthy alternative. Some of the ingredients that can cause fibromyalgia flares include aspartame, caffeine, processed sugar, gluten, and sodium nitrite.

Start Meditating

According to some researchers, people who meditate can change their perception of pain. It is recommended for elderly adults with this disorder to focus every day, through meditation, on their feelings and emotions instead of avoiding them. Seniors interested in trying this method should consult their doctor for a recommendation of the best meditation expert in the vicinity.

Take Anticonvulsants

This medication can prevent seizures and relieve many of the symptoms of fibromyalgia. It is one of the first medications approved for treating this disorder, which is a testimony to its efficiency.

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