Are there any ways to lower the costs of assisted living? Prices in certain states are outrageous, and they can go even above $6,500. You can read more about the costs of assisted living here, and ways to pay for the expensive costs here. However, this time, the issue is how to lower the costs of assisted living. There are some ways to avoid expensive facilities.

Ways to Lower the Costs of Assisted Living

First of all, you need to do your research. Don’t choose the first facility you find. Take your time and make a list of assisted living facilities in the vicinity, studying the price-to-quality ratio. Once you choose the agency, try to bargain and negotiate the price. Don’t take the first offer they give you.

If you live in a state where the assisted living costs are outrageous, consider moving to another one. The East Coast has more expensive facilities than central and western parts of the country on average. D.C. is a leader in prices with the median monthly rate of $6,700. Some states, such as North and South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia have the median rate below $3,000. Perhaps, you can even consider moving out of the U.S. to countries with cheaper assisted living facilities.

lower the costs of assisted living

Certain facilities offer private apartments, which, if you are on a tight budget, you should avoid. They are more expensive than studios, for example. You can even consider a shared apartment, if you don’t mind living with someone.

These are only some of the numerous options for lowering the costs of assisted living. If you are searching for such facility, take your time and do your research. See what your options are, and where would be the best place to start your new life.


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