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Many are wondering, is exercise important for seniors? Can it help them to prevent certain diseases? The truth is that exercising is important for everyone, regardless of age. If you swim, walk, run, workout, or do yoga regularly before you turn 50, you will be more mobile and far healthier than people who don’t exercise. However, it is never too late to start. It is always better to exercise even if you start as an older adult. There are no excuses.

Benefits of Regular Exercising

Exercise helps your heart to stay strong. The chances of getting a heat disease significantly drop. Also, your lungs and the whole vascular system will feel certain health benefits. Naturally, the risk of obesity decreases. With exercising, we burn calories and maintain our weight level. The excess of weight leads to numerous diseases and limits our mobility. Thus, you need to think in advance and don’t let yourself become obese.

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One of the ways to control the level of your cholesterol is to exercise three times a week for at least half an hour. Also, both your physical and mental conditions will improve. More physical activity means more serotonin and endorphin, which are hormones that reduce the risk of getting depression.

If you are having problems with sleeping, any kind of physical activity can help. It also helps when feeling stressed. Anything from walking, to swimming, to workout in a gym will help to boost your mood. It also builds muscles and maintains bone health, which will reduce the risk of falling. Generally, physical activity is good for both the mind and body, regardless of your age.

However, be careful when exercising to not injure yourself, and avoid certain exercises if you don’t feel comfortable doing them. The point is to feel better, not the other way around.


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