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When hiring an in-home care provider, you need to pay attention to many things. The importance of choosing the right person for the job, who possesses a suitable personality and list of experiences, shouldn’t be underestimated. With so many questions to ask yourself, we’re here to make the process easier. Here are the top five to set you on the proper path. In the end, the decision is solely yours, but don’t overlook these issues.

First Things First: Certification

Does your home care service provider have certification provided by Medicare? Some agencies which are certified by them also offer services which require additional payment. To make sure that you don’t get fooled, cooperate only with professionals. The amateur agencies will cost you both time and money, without providing any real service.

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Level of Professionalism?

People contracted by home care agencies might be their employees or outside hired staff. In both cases, you must look into their abilities and professionalism. You want educated and capable individuals providing your service. So don’t skip on inquiries regarding people you are going to let close to your loved ones.

Be Careful What You Sign

The contract or agreement needs to reflect many things. The most critical matters include the period of your contract and payment rate. You must explicitly know how long your deal lasts, and will the quoted rate change over time? Also, the prices on holidays or night shifts need to be specified in advance.

Payment Method

If your home care service is covered by Medicare, then you will need a Medicare-certified agency. Also, you can pay them through your insurance or directly. If going for a direct route, you need to make sure of the payment terms set by the home care provider.

Record Keeping

You need to choose an agency whose employees will track and record your elderly activities. Some of the home care providers don’t offer this option, while others do. With written evidence of your loved one’s daily routines, mood changes, energy, or appetite, on a later date, it could be easier to get medical help when needed.

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