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One issue that many seniors encounter but the general public doesn’t pay enough attention to is loneliness. Most of us imagine an ill senior alone in a house when we think about loneliness. But in addition to the elderly who are unable to socialize because of their health, there are those who are perfectly healthy and still don’t have anyone to spend time with. It is of utmost importance to pay attention to them and aid them in connecting with others. If you want to help your loved one regarding the issues of loneliness, companion care might be the solution.

What Is Companion Care for Seniors?

One thing that most elderly adults encounter in their late years is the fact that their loved ones don’t have as much time for them as they used to. The reason is, of course, they have families and children of their own and the responsibilities that come with them. In some cases, a senior is living with a spouse, and when they die, older adults are often left all alone with no one close by to spend quality time with them.

Live-in-Overnight Home Care
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Enter companion care. A companion caregiver is a person that aids the elderly by coming to their house and spending time with them. In addition to providing the elderly with company, they can help them with simple activities such as scrapbooking, gardening, or even organizing their bookshelves. In some instances, they are equipped to provide medical help, and as such, they can aid older adults with medications.

Also, don’t think that companion care is only related to activities inside of the house. A companion caregiver can also spend time with the elderly outside, taking them to various events and meetings they want to attend. A companion caregiver is an ideal partner for shopping, lunch, or visiting a theater. All of the activities that an elderly adult enjoyed earlier with loved ones or even alone, the companion caregiver can do with them.

What About Companion Care for the Elderly in Assisted Living?

Companion care is not only limited to seniors who live alone in their homes. It can also be used by older adults who are living at an assisted living facility or nursing home. Depending on a senior’s health status, the caregiver can entertain them inside the facility, or if it’s allowed, they can also spend time outside doing what the senior enjoys.

Companion care is excellent for those older adults who live far away from their families. This type of care will provide the elderly with the attention they need and will also help them to make the best of their time while living away from their family and friends.

What Are the Advantages of Companion Care for Seniors?

According to a study conducted by the Perspectives on Psychological Science journal, almost one in five Americans suffer from a condition which is called persistent loneliness. Because of this state, mortality in an individual can be increased by 29 to 32%. As time goes by, loneliness is being considered a condition that could cause the next big health crisis in the United States.

The same study is claiming that seniors who are living in isolation but feel good about it have the same death risk as those who live alone and feel bad about it. Companion care can aid them in reducing isolation and prevent loneliness from creeping in.

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Another study, this time done by Chicago’s Rush University, claims that by having an active lifestyle that keeps the brain busy, you can prevent dementia and memory loss. The same research showed that strokes and Alzheimer’s are causing one-third of all cognitive decline in the elderly, while 10% is determined by their brain activity during their entire life.

This is another reason why you should consider companion care for your loved ones.

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