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There are different ways that good nutrition protects your body. With proper food, you won’t get sick as often and there is less chance of getting cancer. However, have you ever wondered how good nutrition can protect your body from getting sick? There are three main ways of protecting your body with good nutrition.


Why are antioxidants important? They are on the front line when fighting cancer cells. Processed food contains low amounts of antioxidants. You may eat cooked vegetables and think you eat healthy, but the thing is that the majority of antioxidants are destroyed during cooking. Always choose to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. And eat them as often as you can. They are usually the main source of antioxidants for every person. In addition, they are also full of vitamins and minerals which help in protecting your body.

Alkaline Food

Certain types of foods are acidic, while others are alkaline. For example, meat and sugar are too acidic, while lemons and green vegetables fight against it. The more acidic food you eat the more you are prone to getting cancer. Studies suggest people should eat 75% non–acidic food every day.

how can good nutrition protect your body

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The key to staying healthy is balance. This especially refers to your protein:fat ratio. Fats are not necessarily bad for you. However, a diet full of carbs and fats, combined with low amounts of protein won’t do any good. If you have inflammation, think about what you eat every day. Nuts, olives, fish, etc. are full of healthy fats and some of them have a decent amount of protein. Pay attention to this ratio and your immune system will be grateful to you.

These are three ways to protect your body from diseases. Eat food rich in antioxidants, avoid acidic food, and find a perfect balance between protein and fats.


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