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The main source of information is the internet. For younger people, for older people, for everyone. If it is not on the web, it is like it doesn’t exist.

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If you want to watch a music video, will you wait for MTV to play it or will you go to YouTube? If you want to find out the score of today’s game, will you wait for tomorrow’s edition of the New York Times or will you search on the web? When you want to check out a company, its services and reputation, where will you look first? At an app on your smartphone, a search on your home computer’s browser, or will you take the time to drive to their offices? If you want to find out about homecare agencies and caregivers in your city or state, where will you look first? A phone book or Google?

Face it, your clients are looking at you online! Almost everyone has access to the web today (smartphones, tablets, laptops), and we use the internet and company websites as our main source of information.

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