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Today it is possible to receive a skilled nurse’s assistance outside of the hospital, even if your loved one has suffered severe injury or is profoundly ill. There are many patients that receive this type of care in the familiar surroundings of their house, rather than in hospital environment. According to various studies, the patients that receive care in their homes recover more quickly than other patients. Of course, this varies from patient to patient, but in general, they’re happier, more comfortable, and surrounded by family members who can encourage them to recover.

Another thing that goes in favor of skilled home nursing is its affordability. Today it is less expensive to receive this type of care at home. For many families, a hospital stay can be costly, taking a large chunk of their home budget. Also, many hospitals release patients home before they are fully recovered, only to receive that same patient at a later date with their state worsened, then charging them again. Finally, in addition to the financial aspect, this also provides a lot of mental stress both to the patient and to their family.

The good thing about home skilled nursing is that insurance covers its expenses, should it be what the patient needs. You will also reduce the chances of re-hospitalization. This is the main reason for why so many families decide to have their loved ones receive this care.

Skilled nursing
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Skilled nursing at home will take care of:

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  • Checking the health of your loved one.
  • Administrating medications.
  • Giving Injections.
  • Changing bandages, wound cleaning, and wound care.
  • Catheter care.
  • Feeding and tube-feeding.
  • Ostomy and colostomy care.
  • Hospice support.

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