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What are the best ways to keep your seniors safe during winter? Winter is coming and older adults need special attention, since they are more prone to injuries during this season. If you are taking care of a senior, you know there is so much you need to prepare for. Temperatures are low, pavements are slippy, their movement is limited, etc. Here we will try to tackle some of the concerns you may have.

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Prevent Falling at Home

With the first snow, the driveway as well as the staircase will become slippery. Even before the show falls, the ground can become icy. As a precaution, you can throw salt across the paths to ensure the walkways they use every day are safe. The best secondary method would be to crush the ice as soon as possible, but this takes time if the driveway is long.

ways to keep your seniors safe during winter
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Drink Plenty of Water

Keeping them hydrated is one of the ways to protect your seniors during winter. It is often neglected, but this more about the skin. Their skin is dry and prone to cracking during the cold weather. This can be quite painful and, in order to avoid it, advise them to drink fluids regularly.

Keep Them Warm

Keeping them safe during winter means keeping them warm. And not just when they are outside. Make sure they are well prepared for winter. In other words, check if the heating system is running well. In addition, check if all doors and windows in the house are sealed. If you notice issues, begin repairing now rather than waiting for spring; it can harm your elderly now if you don’t, and once the warm season does come, it may be quite difficult fixing everything before winter returns.

Find a Caregiver

If your elderly needs more attention, and you are not in situation to take care of them, you can always consider hiring a homecare provider during the winter.

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