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With old age, it gets more important to keep the brain active and healthy. One of the best ways for elderly adults to engage their mind and to improve their cognitive functions are word games. These games require older adults to think about vocabulary and language, which stimulates mental activity and increases memory retention. The best part of this activity is that it also encourages socialization. Read more below about entertaining word games you should definitely try out!

Rhyming Ball

This word game is a combination of physical coordination and fast thinking. The first thing you need to play it is a small, soft ball. For the game to begin, seniors need to sit in a circle. The games start when a player is given the ball. They then pass the ball to another player and say a word. Before moving the ball to the next person, the receiving senior needs to say a rhyming word.

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This fun activity only requires a piece of paper and a pencil. Hangman is all about guessing words. If they want to finish the game quickly, they need to be very deductive. When they miss a letter, they get a piece of a hanged man drawn. Hangman is ideal for the elderly with less developed language skills.

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Complete the Saying

To start this game, you need a list of standard idioms, which are then each split in two. The senior’s job will be to put two pieces together in the right order. Complete the saying and this stimulates memory skills. With older adults that suffer from dementia, it can even trigger memories they have forgotten.


With boggle, you get a collection of random letters with a goal to make words. This helps seniors with the basic knowledge of spelling and reasoning.

Crossword Puzzles

Crossword Puzzles require the use of language and memory skills. Seniors are given a clue, and their job is to find a word that matches the clue. They also need to count in the length of the word and the letter positioning, which activates different parts of the brain.