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Yoga is one of the best and most popular workouts in the world. What’s more important is that yoga, unlike other exercises, doesn’t wear you out. Yoga for seniors can be a perfect solution. Why? For most obvious reasons, it can help seniors with daily activities and improve their health.

As you know, yoga includes a lot of stretching, breathing, and relaxing. All of this can do wonders for the health of your elderly. And, as it’s being conducted in groups, it can also help with the social life of your senior.

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Benefits of Yoga For Seniors

  • Yoga lacks the intensity of other cardiovascular exercises. It’s based on a technique where you use body weight instead of weights. The people who practice yoga have 40% fewer chances of getting chronic diseases.
  • This workout increases your mobility. People who have stiff joints or even arthritis will enjoy yoga. It can help you relax and tone muscles, which in the future could prevent injuries.
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  • Your bones could benefit from practicing this art. There is no pressure on bones like from running or lifting weights. For seniors older than 68, it can improve bone density from only two years of workout on a weekly basis.
  • As you get older, digestion among other things gets weakened. Clearly digestion is very important, not only for mood but for prolonged health. Yoga for seniors can improve the work of your digestion tract.
  • In the end, what might be the most crucial factor is that yoga reduces stress. It lowers the blood pressure and allows you to let frustrations and anxiety go. This could help your senior by providing better day-to-day life and calmer sleep.
  • Like with any other joint exercise, yoga for seniors will make your elderly become a part of a community. That way, at the same time they’re improving their health, they’re enjoying the company of peers.

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