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Many seniors feel stressed when they need to purchase a present for their children, grandchildren, neighbors, friends, or other family members. The tradition of gift giving should be an enjoyable experience and not one that causes worry. Older adults look forward to giving gifts to their loved ones, but they sometimes find themselves in a pinch; what to get? The following gift-giving tips for seniors are recommended by home health care professionals.

Gift-Giving Tips for Seniors

Don’t Overspend

It is always tempting to spend money and impress someone with an expensive gift. But many elderly are living on a fixed income, and they can’t afford to pay too much. This is why seniors should aim to buy gifts on special sales or to use coupons instead of money. By doing this, they should be able to purchase a suitable present for love ones and avoid a financial crisis.

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Make Gifts

Many home care aides advise that their patients don’t need to buy gifts. By being a little creative (and with a lot of love invested), they can give a homemade present. Some of the most common handmade gifts include jewelry, bath soaps, scrubs, mittens and scarves, and scrapbooks.

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Include a Card

There is one thing that both older and younger adults agree on, and that is that every gift needs a card. By using a card elderly can express their feelings and personally write a message to loved ones which can be better than any gift. The cards aren’t expensive, and they are easy to find, which makes them a perfect gift.

Gift People with Experiences Rather Than With Things

Momentary gifts such as clothing, cosmetics, and jewelry are lovely, but they sometimes mean less than letting someone experience something new. Instead of standard gifts, we recommend surprises such as dinner at your home, or a trip to the zoo, museum, or cinema.

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