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Many people who are not familiar with home care believe in myths and misconceptions about it. But not everything you hear is true. This is why we are going to list the four most common misconceptions about it, so you can better understand this branch of healthcare.

You Need It Only After An Accident Has Happened

You wouldn’t believe how many people think that in-home care is necessary only when an older adult suffers an injury. This is of course not true. Many seniors need it long before an injury or accident occurs – for many other reasons. There are numerous signs that your loved one is in need of assistance, and we have listed some of those here. Seniors who have Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia are also in constant need of home health care.

Home care
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Home Care Services Are Lower Quality Than a Senior Care Facility

People are often mistaken that their loved one will receive better care in a senior care facility than they would at home. What people don’t understand is that staff in these facilities take care of many patients at the same time, while an in-home caregiver takes care of only one designated person. Your elderly will receive more care and attention at home than they ever would in a facility.

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It Needs to Be An All-Day, Everyday Activity

In-home care is suited for every patient individually. If your elderly only needs a few hours every other day, then they will receive as much. If they need 24/7 attention, in-home care will also provide this. You need to understand: home care is tailored to the needs of you and your loved one.

Only Sick Patients Need This Type of Care

As previously mentioned, home care can be beneficial long before anyone is ill or injured. People hire home care when their senior needs more socialization, help around the house, buying groceries, bathing, cleaning, and etc.

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